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Oversize box 3 [F09.025.07.02]


Contains 5 Collections and/or Records:

Mayors, circa 1926-1957

 File — Oversize Box: 3 [F09.025.07.02], Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Includes prints (PL127/16-20) of the following: D. M. Abernathy, 1926-27 (PL127/19); and F. Marion Redd, 1927-29 (PL127/20); George E. Wilson, 1929-31 (PL127/21); Charles E. Lambeth, 1931-33 (PL127/22); Ben E. Douglas, 1935-41 (PL127/23); Victor Shaw, 1949-53 (PL127/24); and Phil Van Every, 1953-57 (PL127/25).
Dates: circa 1926-1957

Mayors, circa 1853-1878

 File — Oversize Box: 3 [F09.025.07.02], Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Includes prints of the following: William F. Davidson (P127/1); Robert F. Davidson, 1862-63 (PL127/2); H. M Pritchard, 1865-66, 1868-69 (PL127/3); F. W. Aherns, 1867-68 (PL127/4); and Clement Dowd, 1869-71 (PL127/5); William Johnson, 1875-78, 1884-87 (PL127/6).
Dates: circa 1853-1878

Mayors, circa 1895-1926

 File — Oversize Box: 3 [F09.025.07.02], Folder: 3
Scope and Contents includes prints (PL127/11-15) of the following: J. H. Weddington, 1895-97 (PL127/13); Peter Marshall Brown, 1901-05 (PL127/14); and Charles A. Bland, 1911-15 (PL127/15); John M. Wilson, 1920-21 (PL127/16); James O. Walker, 1921-24 (PL127/17); Harvey Wilson Moore, 1924-26 (PL127/18).
Dates: circa 1895-1926

Mayors, circa 1878-1895

 File — Oversize Box: 3 [F09.025.07.02], Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Includes prints (PL127/6-10) of the following: B. Rush Smith, 1878-79 (PL127/7); F. I. Osborne, 1879-80 (PL127/8); F. S. DeWolfe, 1880-83 (PL127/9); and W. C. Maxwell, 1883-84 (PL127/10); F. B. McDowell, 1887-91 (PL127/11); R. J. Brevard, 1891-95 (PL127/12).
Dates: circa 1878-1895

City Commissioners, circa 1917-1925

 File — Oversize Box: 3 [F09.025.07.02], Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Includes prints (PL127/26-33) of the following commissioners: D. M. Abernathy, 1918-19, 1926-27 (PL127/26); Robert L. Brown, 1927-29 (PL127/27); James E. Huneycutt, 1921-23 (PL127/28); R. Horace Moore, 1917-18 (PL127/29); George A. Page, 1919-21 (PL127/30); W. R. Robertson, 1925-29 (PL127/31); W. S. Stancill, 1921-27 (PL127/32); and N. Wilson Wallace, 1923-25 (PL127/33).
Dates: circa 1917-1925